Vocabularies Register

About this Register

This is the static register (index) of GA's vocabularies. Its purpose is to present the static URIs to each of GA's vocabs. This is particularly useful for machines that wish to automatically index our vocabularies, rather than humans who can search for them manually.

This register is visible, here, in HTML for humans and also in RDF for machines:

The RDF version of this page is forumulated according to the Data Provider Register ontology which is a very simple profile of the Registry ontology.

About the Vocabularies

These vocabularies are Geoscience Australia's vocabularies for internal and external use. Most are simple code lists for data types, science concepts and otehr related things. Some are a little more complex. All are formulated according to the Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS) W3C web standard which means they are structured in a machine-readble way. They are published via the SISSVoc tool which enables human readability of the vocabularies, via web pages, and also machine readability via a RESTful API and also a SPARQL service.

These vocabularies are also all published for general discovery in the Australian National Data Service (ANDS)'s Research Vocabularies Australa (RVA) Portal: