Simple Lithology

tuffit / tuffite

definition Rock consists of more than 50 percent particles of indeterminate pyroclastic or epiclastic origin and less than 75 percent particles of clearly pyroclastic origin. commonly the rock is laminated or exhibits size grading. (based on LeMaitre et al. 2002; Murawski and Meyer 1998). more like this
example volcaniclastic sedimentary rock more like this
note In practice, it is likely that any rock for which there is suspicion that it may consist of redeposited pyroclastic material, usually based on sedimentary structures, irrespective of the presence or percentage of clearly epiclastic particles, would be called a tuffite. 50 percent cutoff with epiclastic rock is in contrast with LeMaitre et al., but is used for consistentency with other sedimentary rock categories following the pattern that the rock name reflects the predominant constituent. more like this
source LeMaitre et al. 2002; Murawski and Meyer 1998 more like this
broader rock
narrower tuffite
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