Simple Lithology


star this property broader chemical sedimentary material
star this property narrower travertine
star this property narrower travertine
star this property definition Biotically or abiotically precipitated calcium carbonate, from spring-fed, heated, or ambient-temperature water. May be white and spongy, various shades of orange, tan or gray, and ranges to dense, banded or laminated rock. Macrophytes, bryophytes, algae, cyanobacteria and other organisms often colonize the surface of travertine and may be preserved, to produce the porous varieties. more like this
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calcareous sinter more like this
onyx marble more like this
tufa more like this
star this property source Neuendorf et al. 2005;; Chafetz, H.S., and Folk, R.L., 1984, Travertine: Depositional morphology an dthe bacterially constructed constituents: J. Sed. Petrology, v. 126, p.57-74. more like this
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