Simple Lithology

trachytic rock

definition Trachytoid that has a plagioclase to total feldspar ratio between 0.1 and 0.35. QAPF fields 7, 7', and 7*. more like this
narrower foid bearing trachyte
broader trachytic rock
quartz trachyte
broader trachytic rock
broader trachytic rock
note LeMaitre et al. (2002) used 'trachyte' to refer to QAPF fields 7, 7', and 7* in the text (p. 30) as well as to the more restrictive category (QAPF field 7 only). The term Trachytic rock is introduced here to label this more general category of trachyte. more like this
source LeMaitre et al. 2002 more like this
broader trachytoid
narrower trachytic rock
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is primary topic of trachytic rock