Simple Lithology


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Silt bearing mudstone more like this
star this property definition Mudstone that contains detectable silt. (see comments) more like this
star this property example siltstone more like this
star this property note Use of 'dectable silt' in the criteria for this category is based on the observation that in practice, distinction of claystone from 'siltstone' is typically based on a qualitative assessment of 'grittiness' (e.g. rubbing with fingers, or chewing); the property that these tests can determine is the presence or absence of silty particles in the material. Quantitative grain size analysis in the the clay/silt fraction of a lithified sediment is difficult at best, and of questionable significance because diagensis has altered the size and mineralogy of original sedimentary particles. more like this
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star this property broader clastic mudstone
star this property narrower siltstone
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