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metasomatic rock

definition Rock that has fabric and composition indicating open-system mineralogical and chemical changes in response to interaction with a fluid phase, typically water rich. more like this
aceite more like this
argillisite more like this
beresite more like this
endoskarn more like this
fenite more like this
greisen more like this
gumbeite more like this
propylite more like this
rodingite more like this
spilite more like this
narrower skarn
broader metasomatic rock
broader metasomatic rock
note SLTTm (2004) proposed the following criteria to distinguish hydrothermally altered or metasomatic rock from igneous rock. "The rock is classified as metamorphic if (1) the texture has been modified such that it can no longer be considered igneous, (2) the bulk composition of the rock is inconsistent with compositions that can be derived purely from a magma and associated processes such as assimilation and differentiation, or (3) minerals inconsistent with magmatic crystallization are present." more like this
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narrower metasomatic rock
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