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clastic sedimentary rock

broader clastic sedimentary material
narrower clastic sedimentary rock
sedimentary rock
narrower clastic sedimentary rock
definition Sedimentary rock in which at least 50 percent of the constituent particles were derived from erosion, weathering, or mass-wasting of pre-existing earth materials, and transported to the place of deposition by mechanical agents such as water, wind, ice and gravity. more like this
narrower clastic conglomerate
broader clastic sedimentary rock
clastic mudstone
broader clastic sedimentary rock
clastic sandstone
broader clastic sedimentary rock
broader clastic sedimentary rock
note The conglomerate, sandstone, mudstone, and wackestone categories are not defined as kinds of clastic sedimentary rocks because rocks meeting their purely grainsize based definitions might also be iron-rich, phosphatic, or carbonate. This is based on GeoSciML allowance to assign rocks to more than one lithology category. For example to categorize a rock as a clastic conglomerate requires assignment ot the 'clastic sedimentary rock' category and to the 'conglomerate' category. Particularly for fine-grained sedimentary rocks, distinction of 'intrabasinal' versus 'clastic' genesis can be very interpretive. In practice the use of clastic mudstone terminology as opposed to carbonate mudstone terminology may be dermined by a priori knowledge about the rock being categorized. If it is associated with other clastic rocks, the clastic categories will be favored, if with cabonate rocks, the carbonate categories will be favored. more like this
source SLTTs 2004; Neuendorf et al. 2005 more like this
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