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alt label
clastic sandstone more like this
sandy rock more like this
broader original
narrower clastic_sandstone original original
narrower clastic_sandstone original
definition Clastic sedimentary rock in which less than 30 percent of particles are greater than 2 mm in diameter (gravel) and the sand to mud ratio is at least 1. more like this
narrower original
broader clastic_sandstone original original
broader clastic_sandstone original
note Note this category is equivalent to cagetory labeled 'sandy rock' in SLTTs (2004), not to the much more restricted category labeled 'Sandstone' in that system. more like this
source SLTTs 2004; Neuendorf et al. 2005; particle size from Wentworth grade scale more like this
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Concept original
in scheme simplelithology original
is primary topic of clastic_sandstone