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carbonate mudstone

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marlstone more like this
narrower carbonate_mudstone original original
narrower carbonate_mudstone original
definition Mudstone that consists of greater than 50 percent carbonate minerals of any origin in the mud size fraction. more like this
example calcareous loess more like this
note Not a subcategory of carbonate sedimentary rock because definition does not specify 'carbonate minerals of intrabasinal origin', but is agnostic on origin of carbonate. Schnurrenberger et al. 2003 point out that it is very difficult (at least in lacustrine rocks) to distinguish chemically precipitated or diagenetic carbonate from primary biogenic carbonate. This distinction between biogenic, detrital, and pedogenic or authigenic carbonate material is thus not a good one to use in a general purpose classification system. Schnurrenberger, D., Russell, J. and Kelts, K., 2003, Classification of lacustrine sediments based on sedimentary components: Journal of Paleolimnology, v.29, p141-154. more like this
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