Simple Lithology

anthracite / anthrazit

alt label
High rank coal more like this
definition Coal that has vitrinite mean random reflectance greater than 2.0% (determined in conformance with ISO 7404-5). Less than 12-14 percent volatiles (dry, ash free), greater than 91 percent fixed carbon (dry, ash free basis). The highest rank coal; very hard, glossy, black, with semimetallic luster, semi conchoidal fracture. more like this
source Economic commission for Europe, committee on Sustainable Energy- United Nations (ECE-UN), 1998, International Classification of in-Seam Coals: Energy 19, 41 pp; see also Neuendorf et al. 2005;; Eberhard Lindner; Chemie für Ingenieure; Lindner Verlag Karlsruhe, S. 258 more like this
broader coal
narrower anthracite coal
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is primary topic of anthracite coal