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bituminous coal

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medium rank coal more like this
star this property definition Coal that has vitrinite mean random reflectance greater than 0.6% and less than 2.0% (determined in conformance with ISO 7404-5), or has a gross calorific value greater than 24 MJ/kg (determined in conformance with ISO 1928). Hard, black, organic rich sedimentary rock; contains less than 91 percent fixed carbon on a dry, mineral-matter-free basis, and greater than 13-14 percent volatiles (dry, ash free). Formed from the compaction or induration of variously altered plant remains similar to those of peaty deposits. more like this
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fettkohle more like this
flammkohle more like this
gasflammkohle more like this
gaskohle more like this
glanzkohle more like this
star this property source Economic commission for Europe, committee on Sustainable Energy- United Nations (ECE-UN), 1998, International Classification of in-Seam Coals: Energy 19, 41 pp; see also; Eberhard Lindner; Chemie für Ingenieure; Lindner Verlag Karlsruhe, S. 258 more like this
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