Particle Type


date 2016-11-25 more like this
issued 2017-09-06 more like this
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2009-07-14. Generate SKOS encoding of vocabulary from Excel spreadsheet. more like this
2009-12-07 SMR Update metadata properties for version, creator, title, and format. Change skos:HistoryNote to dc:source for information on origin of terms and definitions. more like this
2010-02-08. SMR Clean up namespace declarations so concept URI's follow CGI URN scheme; concepts have URN, are not document fragments. more like this
2010-02-13 Add narrower relationship links by adding skos:narrower link in Protege, defining skos:narrower as inverse of skos:broader, calculating with Pellet reasoner to add inferred axioms, and using 'file/Export inferred axioms as ontology' in Protege. more like this
2010-11-28 SMR Replace URN identifiers with http URI identifiers according to CGI URI scheme (see more like this
2012-02-07 SMR update URI to replace numeric final token with English-language string as in original URN scheme. more like this
2012-02-27 SMR add skos:exactMatch triples relating URI in this vocabulary with URI for equivalent concepts in 201012 version that use numeric tokens. more like this
2012-11-24 SMR Update to 201211 version; add collection entity, check all pref labels are lower case, remove owl:NamedIndividual and Owl:Thing rdf:types. more like this
2016-11-25 OLR regenerate SKOS-RDF file as part of migration to new vocabulary server. Minor typo corrections to 2012 vocabulary. more like this
description This file contains the CGI Particle type vocabulary, as defined by the IUGS Commission for Geoscience Information (CGI) Geoscience Terminology Working Group. Used to specify particleType in particleTypeDescription associated with a compoundMaterial. Terms to specify the nature of individual particles of each constituent in an aggregation, based mostly on their genesis. Because the constituents are identifiable parts, the part units must have some definition. Examples include clasts, crystals, pore space, material fossil. Constituent type is determined based on the nature of the particles, and ideally is independent of the relationship between particles in a compound material aggregation. By extension, this vocabulary includes all concepts in this conceptScheme, as well as concepts in any previous versions of the scheme. more like this
editorial note This file contains the 2016 SKOS-RDF version of the CGI Particle Type vocabulary. Compilation and review in MS Excel spreadsheet, converted to MS Excel for SKOS generation using SKOS_for_GA_from_XLS_2016.03.xslt more like this
has top concept cavity
in scheme particletype
top concept of particletype
solid constituent particle
in scheme particletype
top concept of particletype
title Particle Type more like this
creator CGI Geoscience Terminology Working Group
is primary topic of particletype