Mine Status



date 2016-11-29 more like this
issued 2017-02-28 more like this
version info v0.1 more like this
change note
2013-11-29 SMR Original conversion to SKOS. more like this
2015-01-08 OLR Edits to fix typos and remove '201403' from rdf file name. more like this
2016-11-29 OLR Regenerate SKOS-RDF file as part of migration to new vocabulary server. No change to previous concepts definitions. more like this
description This file contains the CGI Mine Status vocabulary, as defined by the IUGS Commission for Geoscience Information (CGI) Geoscience Terminology Working Group. The vocabulary defines the operating status of a mine at a specified date, or if no date is specified, the current opertaing status. By extension, this vocabulary includes all concepts in this conceptScheme, as well as concepts in any previous versions of the scheme. more like this
editorial note This file contains the 2016 SKOS-RDF version of the CGI Mine Status vocabulary. Compilation and review in Google doc spreadsheet; adopted 2013-06 in St. Petersburg, Russia; converted to MS Excel XML for SKOS generation using SKOS_for_GA_from_XLS_2016.03.xslt more like this
has top concept not operating
in scheme mine status
top concept of mine status
in scheme mine status
top concept of mine status
under development
in scheme mine status
top concept of mine status
title Mine Status more like this
creator CGI Geoscience Terminology Working Group
is primary topic of mine status