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star this property definition Commercial sandstone is a lithified sand that chiefly comprises quartz or quartz and feldspar with a fragmental (clastic) texture. Sandstone contains interstitial cementing materials, such as calcite, clay, iron oxides, or silica. Arkose (abundant feldspar grains), graywacke (abundant angular rock fragments), and conglomerate (abundant rounded rock fragments) are included in this category. Other members of this category include bluestone, which is a dense, hard, fine-grained feldspathic sandstone that splits easily along planes into thin, smooth slabs; brownstone, which can be sawn or split, is a feldspathic sandstone of brown to reddish-brown color owing to abundant iron oxide; and flagstone, which is a sandstone, or sandy slate, typically red, tan or gray, that splits into large, thin slabs. more like this
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