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Mackintosh probe

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definition The Mackintosh tool consists of rods which can be threaded together with barrel connectors and which are normally fitted with a driving point at their base, and a light hand-operated driving hammer at their top. The tool provides a very economical method of determining the thickness of soft deposits such as peat. The driving point is streamlined in longitudinal section with a maximum diameter of 27mm. The drive hammer has a total weight of about 4kg. The rods are 1.2m long and 12mm diameter. The device is often used to provide a depth profile by driving the point and rods into the ground with equal blows of the full drop height available from the hammer: the number of blows for each 150mm of penetration is recorded. more like this
source Clayton, C.R.I., Matthews, M.C., and Simons, N.E., 1995. Site investigation. Oxford Blackwell Science 1995 more like this
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