Borehole Drilling Method

Delft sampler

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Delft continuous sampler more like this
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definition The Delft continuous sampler, developed by GeoDelft, is used for obtaining high quality samples within very soft cohesive soils. The sampling system is available in two sizes to take continuous samples, 29 or 66mm in diameter, normally with a maximum penetration of about 18m. A steel outer tube is pushed into the ground using standard CPT (cone penetrometer test) equipment and the soil sample core is fed into a thin-walled plastic inner tube as the sampler advances. After extraction, the samples are cut into 1 m lengths and placed in purpose-made cases, being retained in the plastic tubes. more like this
source Begemann, H.K., 1974. The delft continuous soilsampler. more like this
broader direct push
narrower delft sampler
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